Object Analysis Of Middle Semester Examination For Biocemistry Course Semester 4a Bengkulu Uinfas For Academic Year 2021

Desi Apriani Delsita, Rika Ayu Lestari, Sri Wahyu Dinanti, Ahmad Walid


This study aims to determine the analysis of midterm exam questions for semester 4A biochemistry courses at UINFAS Bengkulu for the 2021 academic year. This research was carried out at UINFAS Bengkulu. This type of research uses a qualitative descriptive method using data that has been collected in the form of interviews with lecturers of the 4A semester Biochemistry course who are natural in nature. The research was conducted using a subject in the form of a lecturer in Biochemistry courses, while the object used midterm exam questions. Thus it can be concluded that the results of this study indicate that ongoing learning has been achieved well enough to be able to achieve what was previously expected. So that the quality of questions for the Biochemistry subject in semester 4 A at UIN Fatmawati Sukarno Bengkulu has good quality questions. Even though there were students who got low scores, the scores obtained by these students were dominated by high scores.

Keywords: Items, Bloom's Taxonomy, midterm exam


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.23960/jppk.v11.i3.2022.09


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