Markhamah Markhamah, Patuan Raja, Sudirman Sudirman


The objectives of this research were to find out whether teaching using realia can develop students’ descriptive text writing ability at the second year of SMPN 2 Bandar Mataram. The quantitative data (students’ score) was used to see the students’ ability in writing descriptive text (learning product). The subject of the research was the students of class VIII.A in the academic year 2012/2013.Pretest and post test experimental design was used in this research. Pre-test and post-test were administered to measure students’ ability in writing descriptive text before and after treatments. The scoring system was based on five aspects; they are content, organization, vocabulary, grammar and mechanic. The result shows that there is an increase of students’ ability in writing descriptive text after treatments using realia as media. It can be concluded that teaching using realia increased the ability of students in writing descriptive text. Therefore, the writer suggests to English teacher to apply realia as one of the alternative ways to increase the students’ descriptive text writing ability.


Keywords:descriptive text, realia, writing ability.

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