JUPE (Jurnal Penjaskesrek)

JUPE (Jurnal Penjaskesrek). Journal of the Physical Education Study Program within the FKIP University of Lampung. JUPE is a forum for researchers and sports activists to publish scientific works for the advancement of National Sports Science and Technology. ISSN: 2621-5659

Journal Name


Jurnal Penjaskesrek




Issue Frequency


Mei, September, Desember

Editor in-Chief


Dr. Heru Sulistianta, M.Or., AIFO

Editor Manager


1. Dr. Candra Kurniawan, M.Or.



2. Joan Siswoyo, M.Pd.



Program Studi Pendidikan Jasmani, FKIP UNILA




The journal’s main goal: is to aid and facilitate national, international, and interdisciplinary scientific communication, and to strengthen the links between scientific researchers all over the world; distributing the information on the latest research and scientific work conducted by scientists.

Focus and Scope:

  1. Physical Education
  2. Physical Activity and Healthy
  3. Sport Science
  4. Sport Coaching and Exercise
  5. Sport Management
  6. Sport Tourism


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