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Kadaryanto, Budi, unila (Indonesia)
Kadaryanto, Budi (Indonesia)
Kadaryanto, Budi, Lampung University (Indonesia)
Kadaryanto, Budi, University of Lampung
Kadaryanto, Budi
Karendra, Rikko, Lampung University (Indonesia)
Karlina, Hesti, University of Lampung (Indonesia)
Karlina, Karlina
Kartika, Dhona (Indonesia)
Kartika, Neni
Kemala, Rika, Lampung University (Indonesia)
Kesuma, Muhammad Bima Surya (Indonesia)
Kesuma, Suri Widhya, Lampung University (Indonesia)
Khaidar, Amirotul, Lampung University (Indonesia)
Khandari, Anggreini, Universitas Lampung (Indonesia)
Khandari, Anggreini, lampung university (Indonesia)
Khoiriah, Nikmatul, Lampung University (Indonesia)
Khoiriyah, Uswatun, Universitas Lampung (Indonesia)
Kholidiana, Ririn, University of Lampung (Indonesia)
Kholik, Nur, Lampung University (Indonesia)
Kinanti, Kinanti
Kurniasih, Fajar, Lampung University (Indonesia)
Kurniasih, Reni, University of Lampung (Indonesia)
Kurniawan, Cecille Ameilia, University of Lampung (Indonesia)
Kurniawan, Fikri (Indonesia)

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