Jesy Yunita Fatmadi, Patuan Raja, Rosita Simbolon


The objective of this research is to find out whether there is an improvement of the students‟ ability in identifying non-literal meaning of narrative text after being taught through CTL. The population of this research was the second grade of SMA Negeri 3 Bandar Lampung. There were seven classes of the second grade and each class consisted about 30 students. The researcher took XI social 3 as the experimental class. The study employed one group pretest and posttest design and the students were given three treatments. The researcher analyzed the data using repeated measure t-test. The mean score of pretest increases from 57.78 up to 85.83 in the posttest, and the gain score is 28.05. The result of t-test indicates that the significant (2-tailed) value is 0.000 (p<0.05, p=0.000). The result of hypothesis testing shows that t-ratio (18.449) is higher than t-table (2.042). It can be concluded that there is a significant increase of students‟ ability in identifying non-literal meaning of narrative text after being taught through CTL.


Keywords: contextual teaching learning, improvement, narrative text, non-literal meaning

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