Improving students’ writing achievement in descriptive text using picture series through WhatsApp Messenger at SMPN 34 Bandar Lampung

Cintia Chandra Mahesa, Hery Yufrizal, Burhanuddin Burhanuddin


This quantitative research was conducted to investigate the use of picture series through WhatsApp could give positive impact on the students’ writing in descriptive text. The samples of this research were the second-grade students of SMPN 34 Bandar Lampung. The researcher used experimental group design which applied pretest and posttest as the instruments. Besides, there were two meetings as the treatment. The data were analyzed by using Repeated measure T-Test. The result showed that there was significant improvement on students’ writing after the implementation of picture series. The mean of the pretest was increased from 61.13 in the first test to 70.73 in the second test. Moreover, the gain of the test was quite high by having the number of 9.6. Then, the statistical calculation of the students’ score also showed that the t-table was higher than the t-table (10.298 > 2.052). The highest aspect that improved the most was organization. The mean for this aspect was increased from 14.12 (pretest) to 17.50 (posttest) with the score of the gain was 0.5762. Briefly, it could be concluded that the H1 is accepted and the H0 is rejected.


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