The use of Picture series on Instagram to improve students’ writing in EFL Writing class

Dila Anggita, Mahpul Mahpul, Fajar Riyantika


Instagram has been used as the medium to upload photos, e.g. picture series. The current research was intended to find out I) whether picture series on Instagram could facilitate students to improve their writing achievement, II) students' perceptions of the use of picture series. The design of the research was mixed quantitative and qualitative approaches. The subjects of the research were 31 students of the first grade of SMA Negeri 2 Bandar Lampung. The data were collected through the writing tests (pre and post-tests) and questionnaires. The results showed that (i) there was a statistically significant improvement of the students’ writing achievement after the students were taught using picture series on Instagram with the significant 0.05. (ii) There were positive perceptions of the use of picture series on Instagram. This suggests that picture series on Instagram facilitates students to improve students’ writing achievement.


Keywords: Picture Series, Instagram, writing achievement, EFL Class.

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