Pengaruh Strategi Problem Posing Terhadap Pemahaman Konsep Matematis Siswa

Tutik Setiawati, Sugeng Sutiarso, Pentatito Gunowibowo


This quasi experimental research aims to know the influence of problem posing strategy towards student’s mathematical conceptual understanding. The design research was post-test only control design with the population were all student’s of seventh grade class in even semester of state junior high school 8 Bandar Lampung academic years 2012/2013 with homogenous student abilities. The sample of this research were VIIC class as experiment class and VIIB as control class, choosen by purposive sampling technique from five classes. Based on hypothesis test it was got that the average of student’s mathematical conceptual understanding value that used problem posing stategy is higher than conventional learning method. The conclusion of this research was the problem posing strategy influence towards student’s mathematical conceptual understanding.
Keywords: Influence, problem posing, mathematical concept understanding.

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