Elsya Rivana, Hery Yufrizal, Rosita Simbolon


The objectives of this research is to find out which communication strategies are frequently used by extrovert students and introvert students. The design of this research used taxonomic analysis which is adopted from Dorney‟s taxonomy of communication strategy. One class, XI science 1 which consisted of 36 students, was taken as the sample of the research. The result shows that there are 16 students who were classified into extrovert group, 14 students were introvert, and 6 students were mediocre group. Meanwhile, it was found that there are 138 CSs used by extrovert and introvert students. The extrovert students used 52 CSs or as many as 37% from the total of percentage. Besides, introvert students used 86 CSs or as many as 63%. Moreover, extrovert students tended to use appeal for help frequently. On the other hand, introvert students mostly used time gaining strategies. Since Indonesian students may not understand how to use CSs in English speaking activity; the researcher suggests that the teachers teach about CSs by providing them L2 models of CSs.


Keywords: communication strategy, extrovert, 

               introvert, taxonomic analysis

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