Intan Hamzah, Hery Yufrizal, Rosita Simbolon


The objectives of this research are to describe the procedures of Debate technique which are implemented in speaking class and to analyze the interaction activities in term of Sinclair and Coulthard Initiation-Response-Feedback (IRF) Model and interview to gain the data. The subject of this research is the second grade students of SMA YP Unila Bandar Lampung. The result of this research is Debate technique is implemented well in speaking class. It can stimulate the students to speak in English through five debate sessions. Student Elicitation dominates the interaction by having 43 interactions or 46.74% of the total interaction. The second highest is Teacher Elicitation by having 20 interactions or 21.74% of the total interaction. The third is Teacher Informing by having 12 interactions or 13.05%. The fourth and fifth percentages are Student Informing and Checking by having 8 interactions or 8.69%. And the rest is Teacher Directing by having 1 interaction or 1.09% of the total interaction. The result of the interview shows that students enjoy the teaching learning process. The conclusion of this research is Debate technique can stimulate the students to speak up and interact with each other.


Keywords: analysis, debate, interaction.

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