The Implementation of Role Play in Increasing Students’ Speaking Ability

Mujiono Mujiono, Hery Yufrizal, Budi Kadaryanto


The objective of this research is to find out whether there is significant increase of students’ speaking ability after being taught through Role Play. The population of this research is the second year of SMK PGRI 1 Kota Agung Tanggamus that consists of 6 classes and one class is taken as the sample. The sample is selected by using the random sampling technique by using lottery. This is a quantitative research and one group pretest-posttest design was employed. This research was conducted in 5 meetings for 3 weeks. The result of pretest shows that the mean score of students’ pronunciation is 10.40. The mean score of students’ vocabulary is 9.33, fluency is 9.33, comprehension is 9.33, grammar is 8.26, The total score in pretest is 1410 and the mean score is 47.00. The result of posttest shows that the mean score of students’ pronunciation is 13.20, vocabulary is 13.73, fluency is 12.66, comprehension is 13.20, and grammar is 13.06. The total score in posttest is 1972 and the mean score is 65.73. It was therefore concluded that Role Play could significantly increase students speaking ability.


Key words:implementation, role play, speaking ability



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