The influence of Problem Based Learning towards students analytical exposition text writing achievement in senior high school of 14 Bandar Lampung

Kurnia Utami, Ramlan Ginting Suka, Lilis Sholihah



Writing has been one of the four skills in language learning that is very important to master. Analytical exposition text is one of the texts that should be mastered by the senior high school students. This research aims to find out whether there is a significant difference in students’ writing achievement before and after being taught with problem based learning and to investigate which aspect improves the most after the students being taught with PBL. Adapting a quantitative approach, this research was conducted through one group pretest and post-test design. The subjects of the research were thirty six students at Senior High School of 14 Bandar Lampung. The data were elicited through pretest and post-test in the form of analytical exposition text. The mean of both tests were analyzed using Paired Sample T-test with the significant level of 0.05. The result showed that there was a significant difference in students’ writing performance after they were taught with problem based learning concerning the gain of their score from the first to the second test. It could be seen from the computation that the significant values of the test were lower than alpha (0.00<0.05) while the t-value (7.595) was higher than t-table (2.0301). It was also revealed that organization was the most improved aspect among the others by having the gain of 0.375. Finally, it can be said that the problem based learning method  can have a positive effect on the students’ analytical exposition text writing achievement.


Keywords: Problem Based Learning, arguments, students’ writing achievement.

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