The implementation of Climbing grammar mountain game to improve students’ noun phrase achievement in descriptive text of the first grade students at SMA Negeri 15 Bandar Lampung

Annisa Prima Rani, Ari Nurweni, Mahpul Mahpul


This present study aimed to find out 1) whether there is a significant difference in students’ noun phrase achievement in their descriptive writing, 2) what aspect of noun phrases improves the most. The population and sample of this research is the first year of SMAN 15 Bandar Lampung in the academic year of 2021/2022. The data were analyzed using SPSS 16.0. The results showed there was a statistically significant difference of students’ noun phrase achievement between the pretest and posttest of writing descriptive tests with the significant level on both tests is below 0.005. That is inferred, the climbing grammar mountain could aid students’ noun phrase achievement. The t-value is 19.706 (higher than t-table 2.048). Furthermore, climbing grammar mountain had a statistically significant effect on every single aspect of noun phrase. In addition, pre-determiner is noun phrase aspect improves the most and followed by post modifier, central determiner, post determiner, pre modifier, head. The implementation of climbing grammar mountain provides students with descriptive writing as media where students can absorb and relate the materials being learnt with their real life

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