Using silent demonstration to increase students’ writing in procedure text at the second grade students of SMK-SMTI Bandar Lampung

Sefira Sefriadi, Patuan Raja, Dian Shafwati


This research was aimed to find out whether there is a significant improvement of students’ writing ability before and after being taught through Silent Demonstration. By applying quantitative approach, the researcher intended to discuss the difference of students’ procedure text writing. The researcher chose XI APL 2 at SMK-SMTI  Bandar Lampung students as a sample, which the number of students reached 37 people using purposive sampling.  This study employed one-group pre-test and post-test design by comparing the mean score of the tests. The result showed that the mean of post-test, which is 79.49 is higher than the mean of pre-test at 64.03. In addition, the significance of the test is 0.000 lower than 0.05. It can be also supported by the evidence that verifies the statement was the t-value which showed higher number than t-table by having the result 19.407 > 2.0281.

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