Students' perception toward the use of google classroom as an assessment media in EFL

Antika Rinanda, Hery Yufrizal, Rafista Deviyanti


The objectives of this research were to identify the students’ perception of the use of online assessment on Google Classroom in EFL classrooms and to find out the students’ challenges in doing online assessment in Google Classroom in EFL classrooms. The subjects were consisted of 45 English department students of Lampung University. A close-ended and an open-ended questionnaire were used to collect the data. The data from close-ended questionnaire was analyzed by using descriptive statistic on SPSS, while the data from the open-ended questionnaire was analyzed manually. The result of this study indicated that the students have a positive perception toward the use of online assessment in Google Classroom. It happened because the mean score of the questionnaire was 3.67 to 5.00. the range score indicates that the level of students’ perception is on the high level. This study also found out that there are several challenges of the students faced when using online assessment in Google Classroom, those are; time, internet connection, the system problems and about the controller. Based on the research finding above, it be concluded that there are strengths and weaknesses toward the implementation o online assessment. Although as previously from the results of the data obtained that students have positive perceptions of the use of online assessment in Google Classroom, it does not mean that there are no difficulties from the students in doing the online assessment in Google Classroom.

Keywords: Google Classroom, online assessment, students’ perception


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