Improving students’ vocabulary mastery through Animation Film at the first grade of SMP Negeri 18 Bandarlampung

Metta Nidya Adhannisa, Huzairin Huzairin, Mahpul Mahpul


The aims of this research were to find out i) the effect of animation film on the students’ vocabulary mastery and ii) the students’ perceptions of the implementation of animation film in learning vocabulary. The design of the study was one group pre-test post-test. The subjects of the current research were 32 students of class VII C of SMPN 18 Bandarlampung in the academic year 2019/2020. The vocabulary test and questionnaire were used to elicit the data. The result showed that the animation film had a statistically significant effect on the students' vocabulary mastery with the significant level <0.05. The majority of students felt that learning vocabulary through animation film made them easy, relaxed, successful, interested, and well-motivated. This suggests that animation film facilitates students to improve their vocabulary mastery.

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