The implementation of information gap in teaching speaking at the second grade

Astuti Wulandari, Patuan Raja, Sudirman Sudirman


The aims of this research were (1) to find out whether there was an improvement of the students’ speaking ability after they were taught through information gap and (2) to find out which aspect of speaking skills increased the most after the treatments. The subject was 35 students of class VIII D, the second year students of MTs Pelita Purwodadi. The research design was one group pretest posttest. The treatments were conducted in three meetings with 80 minutes for each meeting. The data were taken using speaking test and were analyzed by using repeated measure t-test. The result showed that there was a significant difference on students’ speaking ability (p<0.05, p=0.00). The average scores of the pretest was 64.23 and the posttest was 75.17. Furthermore, grammar was the speaking aspect that increased the most. From this result, it shows that Information Gap is an appropriate technique to help the students’ in learning speaking.

Keywords: Information Gap, speaking, improvement

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