May Linda Ayu Pratami, Muhammad Sukirlan, Gede Eka Putrawan


Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui kemampuan membaca sebelum dan sesudah pelaksanaan strategi SQ3R dan untuk menyelidiki respon siswa setelah pelaksanaan strategi SQ3R. Penelitian ini dilakukan melalui pendekatan kuantitatif dan kualitatif, dengan total 34 siswa kelas X di SMAN 1 Jati Agung. Data dikumpulkan dengan menggunakan tes membaca dan kuesioner. Data dianalisis menggunakan Paired Sample t-test dan a Descriptive Analysis. Hasilnya menunjukkan bahwa ada peningkatan yang terjadi dalam pemahaman membaca siswa dari pretes ke posttest, specific information mengalami peningkatan tertinggi dan references mengalami peningkatan terendah. Selain itu, siswa dalam penyelidikan ini juga menyatakan bahwa mereka sangat setuju bahwa mereka mempunyai minat yang tinggi dengan menggunakan strategi SQ3R (89.27%). Dengan kata lain, tanggapan siswa juga positip. Dapat disimpulkan bahwa strategi SQ3R efektif untuk meningkatkan pemahaman bacaan siswa (p=0.000<0.05).


The objectives of this research were to find out whether there was an improvement before and after the implementation of SQ3R strategy and to investigate the students’ responses after the implementation of SQ3R strategy. This study was conducted through both quantitative and qualitative approaches, with a total of 34 tenth-grade students at SMAN 1 Jati Agung. The data were collected by using a reading test and questionnaire. Data were analysed by using Paired Sample t-test and a Descriptive Analysis. The result showed that there was a significant improvement in the students’ reading comprehension of pretest and posttest in which specific information received the highest improvement and references received the least. Moreover, the students under investigation also stated that they strongly agree that they had high interest in using SQ3R strategy (89.27%). In other words, their response was positive. It can be concluded that SQ3R strategy is effective to improve students’ reading comprehension (p=0.000<0.05).

Keywords: narrative text, reading comprehension, SQ3R strategy

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