Developing Extensive Reading Project based Learning to Improve Students’ Reading Comprehension in EFL Class

Juni Hartiwi, Bambang Setiyadi, Heri Yufrizal


Penelitian ini bertujuan memperkirakan Extensive Reading Project Based Learning (PjBL) dapat memperbaiki kemampuan membaca dan untuk memeriksa apakah Extensive Reading PjBL dapat memperbaiki aktifitas mahasiswa. Populasi penelitian adalah mahasiswa semester dua program studi Bahasa Inggris STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung yang terdiri dari 30 mahasiswa. Test diberikan untuk mengukur kemampuan membaca, dan observation checklist dipakai mencatat progress aktifitas. Hasil menunjukkan Extensive Reading PjBL dapat memperbaiki kemampuan membaca dan aktifitas mahasiswa. Kesimpulannya, Extensive Reading PjBL memberikan kesempatan bekerja sama dan berinteraksi. Fakta tersebut berhasil memperbaiki kemampuan membaca mereka. Penulis merekomendasikan teknik ini untuk meningkatkan kemampuan membaca. Peneliti yang akan datang disarankan mendesain penelitian serupa dengan sesuatu yang baru dengan mempertimbangkan kondisi dan karakteristik mereka.

The research is intended to estimate Extensive Reading Project Based Learning (PjBL) which can improve students' reading achievement and to examine whether Extensive Reading PjBL can improve students' activities. The population was second-semester students of English study program of STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung consisted of 30 students. A reading test was provided to measure the students’ reading achievement, and the observation checklist was used to record the progress of students’ activities. The result revealed that the Extensive Reading PjBL can improve the achievement of students’ reading comprehension. Moreover, the Extensive Reading PjBL can increase the students’ activities in doing the project. In conclusion, the stages of Extensive Reading PjBL provided a lot of chances for students to work together in their group and interacted directly among the members. Subconsciously, they enjoyed the process and positive atmosphere was created, then. They were helping each other among the members and they were really interactive. Those facts above made the students successfully in promoting their reading comprehension achievement through Extensive Reading PjBL technique. Therefore, the writer recommends the English teacher/ lecturer to apply this technique to promote the students’ reading comprehension. For further researchers, they are suggested to design a similar area of research with something new for students by considering the learners' condition and characteristics.

Keywords: Extensive reading, project based learning, reading comprehension.

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