Improving Students Reading Comprehension through Summarizing Activity at Second Grade of SMP Muhammadiyah 1 Sendang Agung Lampung Tengah

Umi Ma'rifah, Ari Nurweni, Ujang Suparman


Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui apakah ada peningkatan dalam kemampuan membaca siswa dan aspek membaca apa yang paling meningkat. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian kuantitative. Sasaran penelitian ini sebanyak 25 siswa SMP. Tes membaca digunakan sebagai alat untuk pengumpulan data. Hasil menunjukan bahwa terdapat peningkatan peningkatan yang signifikan kemampuan membaca siswa dengan tingkat signifikan 0.0<0.05. Hasil dari penelitian ini mengindikasikan bahwa summarizing activity dapat meningkatkan kemampuan membaca siswa.

The aims of this study were to find out whether there was a statistically siqnificant improvement of students reading comprehension ability. This reasearch was quantitative research. The subjects of this research were 25 junior high school students. The reading test was administrated as the instrument of this research. The result showed that there was a statistically siqnificant improvement of the students reading comprehension ability with the siqnificant level 0.00<0.05. The result of this reseach indicates that summarizing activity can improve students reading comprehension.

Keywords: teaching reading, reading comprehension, summarizing activity.

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