Providing Information, Skills, and Opportunities for Developing Guided Inquiry-Based Worksheet: A Training for Chemistry Teachers at Pesawaran District

Nina Kadaritna, Lisa Tania, Ila Rosilawati


Abstract: Students’ worksheet is an important instrument that can guide learning more directed and effectively. The worksheets used must be constructive and able to train students' thinking skills. The purpose of this activity is to increase the knowledge and skills of high school/MA chemistry teachers in Pesawaran Regency to make guided inquiry-based worksheets. This activity will be carried out for 6 months, followed by SMA/MA teachers throughout Pesawaran Regency. The training methods used are workshops and guided practice. Evaluation of activities is carried out in 2 ways, namely evaluation of participants' understanding and skills of participants. Evaluation of participants' understanding is based on the pretest scores at the beginning of the activity and the posttest at the end of the activity. The evaluation of participants' skills is based on the criteria for assessing the participants' performance during the workshop process. The data from the pretest results show that the knowledge and skills of SMA/MA chemistry teachers in Pesawaran Regency are still relatively low. This is indicated by the high percentage of participants' answers who answered incorrectly, did not know, and did not answer. Next, participants tried to make guided inquiry-based worksheets and presented them so that they had independent experience related to the learning model. After the workshop, at the end of the activity there was an increase in the understanding and skills of teachers in making guided inquiry-based worksheets which were shown by all participants getting posttest scores above 75%. From the results of the activity, it can be concluded that this activity has an impact on increasing the knowledge and skills of high school chemistry teachers in Pesawaran in making guided inquiry-based worksheets.

Keywords: students worksheets, guided inquiry, chemistry teacher, training.


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