Fostering Scientific Writing Skills of Vocational High School Teachers in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

Andrian Saputra, Lisa Tania, Tasviri Efkar


Abstract: Scientific publication is one of the requirements to apply for a teacher promotion . For a professional teacher, scientific publications are a way to communicate ideas or research results so that they can benefit many people. The purpose of this activity is to provide knowledge and skills about scientific publications for teachers in SMA/MA in Bandar Lampung City. This activity will be carried out for 6 months, followed by cross-disciplinary teachers at SMK in Bandar Lampung City. The method of activities that will be used are lectures, workshops and presentations. The design of the evaluation of the activities is carried out in 3 ways, namely the evaluation of the knowledge, skills, and products produced by the participants. The success of the participants is declared based on the assessment standards with predetermined criteria. The data from the questionnaire and the pretest showed that the knowledge and skills of SMK chemistry teachers in Bandar Lampung City were still relatively low. This is indicated by the percentage of participants' answers who answered incorrectly, did not know, and did not answer which was quite high (above 50%). Furthermore, participants were given knowledge regarding the structure of writing scientific papers and making articles so that they have independent experience related to making scientific articles. After the workshop, at the end of the activity there was an increase in the understanding and skills of the teacher in making scientific articles which were shown by all participants who obtained posttest scores above 75%.

Keywords: scientific writing, vocational high school teachers, training.


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