Indonesian Journal of Science Teaching and Learning


Indonesian Journal of Science Teaching and Learning (IJSTL) publishes a scientific paper on the results of the study and review of the literature in the sphere of natural science education (physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology) in primary education, secondary education and higher education. This bilingual Journal published well-written articles about Physics, Chemistry, Biology education.

IJSTL is an open-access journal that distributed around the World.

The principal sections of the IJSTL are:

  1. Modern active methods and innovations in the teaching of the sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geology, astronomy and others)
  2. Design of the modern curriculum
  3. Educational evaluation
  4. Laboratories and experiments in teaching
  5. Educational technology (computers, educational software and Internet)
  6. Educational policy in the teaching of the sciences
  7. Book reviews
  8. Other topics

This peer-reviewed journal is indexed and abstracted in Scholar Google and other large-scale indexing databases soon.

We are looking forward to receiving articles from you or your graduate students and would be happy to discuss any suggestions informally if you feel this would be helpful.


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