Analysis of Symbolism in Zootopia Movie

Lambok Hermanto Sihombing, Deby Shinta, Eglantino Remmy, Rivaldo Christian


Movies permeate every aspect of people's life. Movies are typically viewed as a kind of entertainment or an escape from reality. However, certain films include hidden messages. This study examines the animal symbolism in the movie Zootopia. The film exemplifies how the animal characters are symbolically utilized throughout the film and how it reflects on contemporary situations. Animal qualities described in the movie Zootopia indicate a cultural custom already accepted by civilization. After comparing how the animals in the movie are portrayed to how they are depicted in real life through the culture used by the movie, the authors see that the animals in the movies are portrayed similarly to how they are portrayed in the culture of the United States.


Keywords: animal, culture, movie, symbolism

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